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Career Path of a Surgeon - 1463 Words

Introduction The career path as a surgeon is a physician who specialises in a specific treatment of injury, disease, or deformity through operations. Surgeon’s correct physical deformities, repair bone and tissue after certain impairment, or perform defensive surgeries on patients with a major disease or disorder. The changing nature of surgeons has changed in expeditious manner during the past 20-30 years and yet is still planning to change dramatically over the future. The job demands of a surgeon keep increasing due to having such a large population, as the population grows the demands of surgeons will only increase as the population increases. There are 32 different major types of surgeons some of them include: Brain Surgeon,†¦show more content†¦The surgery industry is a male dominated and a lot of employers believe women can’t handle the job due to high stress level in comparison to what males can. Women are trying to fight this ridiculous sexist and make it an equa l opportunity for both genders. However, it will happen in duration of time. The results show that in 2006 males had 67.8 of fulltime jobs, whereas women had a small amount of 11.3% Figure 1.2. | Job growth is expected to expand throughout the future years especially in 2014 due to the health care is extended to expand at a rapid rate. Referring to figure 1.2. Below the statistics show the historical employment rates in a hundred thousand figures. Figure 1.3. The graph shows that in 2000 the employment rate for surgeons was at 23,000 and in 2009 increased rapidly to 64,000. Whereas, in 2011 the rate dropped back down to 56,000. The employment rates are always a surprise but due to population and more health care needed the rates are guaranteed to increase. The role of OHSamp;W in the workplace Occupation Health Safety and Welfare stands for (OHSamp;W.) OHSamp;W helps protect the safety and welfare of employees in their workplace. OHSamp;W in the medical industry includes * Including and providing information,Show MoreRelatedThe Path Of Becoming An Orthopedic Surgeon877 Words   |  4 PagesThe Path to Becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon Introduction Obtaining a degree in medicine is one of the lengthiest educational paths one can choose to take. Choosing to become a surgeon lengthens that journey even more and it is one of the most challenging degrees to obtain. An orthopedic surgeon is a physician that â€Å"focuses on the diagnosis, care, and treatment of patients with disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and skin.† (â€Å"Career in Orthopaedics†). Throughout treatmentRead MoreA Career in Orthopedic Surgery1429 Words   |  6 Pagesfunction to one’s life even if they have never been granted movement without restraint before. Orthopedic surgeons receive patients whose freedom of movement have been compromised and then return it back to them. Orthopedic surgeons give immeasurable opportunities and life experiences back to their patients because of their perseverance and commitment to their patients and careers. Orthopedic surgeons are responsible for mending and operating on the musculoskeletal system. â€Å"Orthopedics is a medical specialtyRead MoreResearch Paper on Being a Doctor1037 Words   |  5 Pagesdesire to become a surgeon. My first exposure to the medical field was when I visited my aunt in her residency in Venezuela. â€Å"A surgeon is responsible for the success of his scheduled surgeries. He’s a leader who coordinates each operation with a highly qualified staff, assesses the patient’s need for surgery and is in charge of his post op recovery (Baylor).† A surgeon possesses qualities above those of a general physician, requiring years of additional schooling. Few choose this path and I hope oneRead MoreThe Career Path Of Surgery999 Words   |  4 PagesSurgery is a vast career that goes beyond the years of schooling and education to treat individuals who need intensive care. It has been said that surgeons have one of the most rewarding careers. Though becoming a surgeon is an extensive career path, I rely on a ten-year plan to keep me in order. I understand that I will be spending the next ten years in school and continuing learning post education, but as long the more I know about the process of becoming a surgeon, the easier it will be to followRead MoreMedical Career Research Paper1369 Words   |  6 PagesThe medical field is a career path that brings about many options and opportunities of great value. The noble idea of being a doctor tends to cloud the diligent studying and precise training that is actually required for this career. I have wanted to become a doctor since a very young age, and now that the opportunity is here for the taking, I have fully researched what it takes to succeed in this profession and various specialties of the practice. The road to a medical degree is one filled withRead MoreOrthopedic Surgeon, Neurologist, and Plastic Surgeon Essay1158 Words   |  5 Pagesof career opportunities for people to pursue in so many different, vast, and constantly evolving fields. It is important for a person to look ahead for the future and think of jobs that might interest them. Investigating potential careers allows a person to set a course for the future depending on what qualifications one might need to be successful in a certain career. Every job has its pros and cons, but ultimately if one does not like what they do then they may have picked the wrong career pathRead MoreThe Career Of Orthopedic Surgery1692 Words   |  7 PagesThe career of orthopedic surgery is of utmost importance to the entire medical field and health in general. Orthopedic surgery is the field of medicine involving the rearrangement, repairing, and mending of bone marrow and skeletal structures within the human body. Normally, students pursuing a career in orthopedic surgery must complete a vigorous, extensively designed course of education needed for certification. Once finished with education, orthopedic surg eons will have completed approximatelyRead MoreUnderstanding The Necessities For The Medical Field Essay886 Words   |  4 Pages Purpose I want to understand the necessities to enter this career and what challenges these surgeons deal with every day. Also, to learn more information about the field itself, but the focus would be to ask myself if this is the correct path that I should follow. Background of the Topic Denton A. Cooley, who was a heart surgeon that performed the first ever successful heart transplant in the United States. In the 1940s, was when he was a medical student at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Cooley builtRead MoreDr. Demarcus Smith, D.D.S.721 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"As a surgeon you have to have a controlled arrogance. If its uncontrolled, you kill people, but you have to be pretty arrogant to saw through a persons chest, take out their heart and believe you can fix it. Then, when you succeed and the patient survives, you pray, because its only by the grace of God that you get there.†-Mehmet Oz. One never considers themselves able to accomplish something great until they meet someone great who has already acquired insight of the world from the other sideRead MorePhysician Assistant, Radiologist, And Surgeon1178 Words   |  5 Pagesare many careers in the health sciences field that are very intriguing, while there are some that do not seem appealing at all. Th ree of these careers are physician assistant, radiologist, and surgeon. Three careers that do not appeal to my likings are dentists, health educators, and home health aide. There are also three more careers that I found on my own that have some interests with me: Radiological health physics, A physician assistant is an individual that aides doctors, surgeons, and other

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