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Concord Bookshop - 678 Words

Concord Bookshop Introduction As the world is changing with Technology, many companies are finding themselves struggling to stay afloat in competitive market. Whenever new business strategy is introduced in a company, a change has to take place. The way changes are introduced and implemented, determines the success of the change. Before change is introduced, there must be need for change and after implementation of change; there is expectation (Vaughn, 2012). Change is not an easy process; it requires team work in planning, organizing and implementation. Organizational change is successful when it is effective and yield growth, but a failure when is unproductive. This paper will†¦show more content†¦This brought about the clash between the owners and the employees. (Robbins Judge, 2009) The owners hired a new general manager without informing the three other managers that have invested 34years of services in the company. The owners where insensitive to the complains of the employees by stating†If you don’t like it, each of you will have to make up your mind as to how to proceed.† These statements lead to the employees resisting change and resigning. (Robbins Judge, 2009) Organizational Change Failure at the Concord Bookshop The organizational change process of unfreezing and moving phase was not applied during the Concord bookshop change process. During the unfreezing phase, the employees were not involved in the planning and decision making of the change. Instead change was imposed on them, which brought resistances. Opportunity was not given to the employee to understand the need for change. (Robbins Judge, 2009) The moving phase also failed because, change was imposed. Employees were not involved in the designing of the change. They were not supported or giving the training in other transition into the new role, but they were told to put up with it. (Robbins Judge, 2009) Conclusion Change requires a team effort to be successful; each member of the company has an important role to play and has to be recognized.Show MoreRelatedConcord Bookshop Paper716 Words   |  3 PagesConcord Bookshop Paper Karen Jackson HCS/587 November 8, 2010 Laura Rainey Concord Bookshop Paper Organizational change can derive from small changes to large changes that can affect a business. The Concord Bookshop went through changes as many other companies are faced in today’s recession, fierce competition, innovative technology, and restructuring needs. The important factors a company needs to concentrate include implementing successful interventions to stay in business, increaseRead MoreConcord Bookshop Paper816 Words   |  4 PagesConcord Bookshop Paper Concord Bookshop Paper Organizational change has many concepts from wide changes to small changes that can affect a company. Introducing a new person into the company, changing mission statement, restructuring, and even adding stock options are examples of organizational changes. According to Spector it is important to understand, analyze the dynamic of change, and requirements of effective change implementation. Successful changes requires management to explore many driversRead MoreThe Phases of Organizational Change Essay807 Words   |  4 Pagescan be taken. In chapter one Spector gives the reader insight into the Concord Bookshop, a bookstore that is in the process of implementing new changes. Spector (2010), states that â€Å"for the Concord Bookshop, the increasing penetration of online booksellers into the store’s market space triggered the requirement for strategic renewal† (p.18). Kurt Lewin developed a change model to assist organizations such as the Concord Bookshop with changes . There are three steps in Lewin’s model and they are: UnfreezingRead MoreEssay on Concord Bookstore637 Words   |  3 PagesConcord Bookstore University of Phoenix Creating Change within Organizations HCS587 David Harrell 16 January, 2012 * The Concord Bookshop is a small town bookstore with a 64-year history and a cultural appeal enjoyed by the citizens of the town. In recent years the economic environment created fierce competition for the bookstore, coupled with a need for innovative technology meant a need for restructuring. The financial status of the bookshop was in grave distress. FearingRead MoreTales of Woe at the Concorde Bookshop: Change Management Case Study877 Words   |  3 PagesTales of Woe at the Concorde Bookshop Change is inevitable in the commercial environment; but it also poses challenges. Theorists such as Senge (2005) (quoted Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010) note that it is natural for employees to resist change with many life experiences, starting from school, conditioning that resistance to change. Therefore, when an employer seeks to implements a change in the workplace they will have to face a number of challenges; not only the practical challenges of implementRead MoreEssay about Happy Endings True Love8166 Words   |  33 Pages So we try to change the world; that is, live as if the relations between things and potentialities were governed not by deterministic processes but by magic.... We make up adventures, invent and ascribe the significance of temporal concords to those `privileged moments to which we alone award prestige, make our own human clocks tick in a clockless world. (ibid, 135) Sunrise is an illustration of the way in which this applies to the way we conceptualise love, a matter for

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