Thursday, February 13, 2020

Compare between SAP system and Microsoft Dynamics system in ( Bill of Research Paper

Compare between SAP system and Microsoft Dynamics system in ( Bill of material) - Research Paper Example Others include NAV, SL, and AX. Dynamics NAV is designed in a way to suite mid-size companies. It is an ERP that incorporates both basic PM and accounting functions that are offered by other types like SL. Dynamics SL is best suited for managing projects and other accounting roles across many divisions in a firm. It was made to target construction management firms, distributors and any other contractor. Dynamics GP which will be our focus of discussion in this analysis is used mainly in the Americas, UK and Ireland, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. It was one of the first accounting packages released in the USA and was meant to run on Windows 32 bit machines. It was designed to be used in financial management, supply chain management, human resource management, project management and manufacturing. Dynamics AX was designed for global corporations and modern manufacturing firms. It offers all the functionalities of GP and also provides advanced business reporting and intell igence. SAP Business One This is an ERP that is used by all type of businesses i.e. small, medium and even in large companies. It is applied in business functions ranging from customer relationship management, purchasing and supplies, financial management and business analytics. It also provides comprehensive business intelligence and reporting. In 2011, SAP introduced a solution that was meant to consolidate business and enable intercompany integration. This was to enable multinationals to manage transactions and activities across multiple databases. The functions of the SAP ERP system can be broadly categorized into four broad modules i.e. Financial, Human Capital Management, Operations and Corporate Services. In financial management, it supports for multiples currencies, bank reconciliation and budgeting. In human capital management, it is applied in functions of managing the payroll, recruitment, human resources, learning and development and analysis of work functions. In operat ions, it provides functions like purchasing, manufacturing and research and development. In corporate services, it helps in asset management in areas ranging from real estate, travel management and project management. The business area chosen for comparison in this paper is supply chain management functions with respects to each ERP package. Supply Chain Management When we discuss about supply chain management, the discussion is based on two main core ideas; Every product that reaches the customers will represent a collective effort of many corporate organizations and this firms will be collectively referred collectively as a supply chain Unfortunately most businesses have only focused what happens within their premises in as much supply chains have existed for a long time. Therefore few business have understood the entire chain of activities that leads to the ultimate delivery of the final products to the customer Therefore supply chain management can be referred to the management of all the supply chain activities in order to improve

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